​​​Item Donation Receipt

To print the form click on the button below.  Complete the donor information and list the items being donated and the quantity of each.  It is not necessary to complete the total fields unless you know the value of the donated item.  Once we process your donation, we will keep the original form and send you a signed copy for your records.

                                                                                                Wish List:

Stall Mats (3/4 inch thick)                                                                           Monetary Donation

Plastic Manure Forks                                                                                     Safety Cones

Work Glove For Children & Adults                                                             PVC Pipe

Office Supplies                                                                                                Pool Noodles

Heavy Duty Resin or Wood Adirondack Chairs                                     Water Buckets (Regular or Heated)

Slow Feed Hay Bags                                                                                       Salt Blocks 

Brooms                                                                                                              Fishing Poles

Apples or Carrots                                                                                           Fishing Bait

Release Form

Our insurance requires that every visitor complete a Whispering Pines Ranch and Image of Hope Ranch release form every calendar year.  Both Releases are part of the Equine Session Guest Packet and the Family Guest Packet.  

If a child (under age 18) is brought by someone who is not their legal guardian, the ranch must have a current release forms  completed (upon their arrival) by the child's parent/guardian in order for him/her to participate in any ranch


Blank release forms are available at the ranch during session hours or  print and complete our release form found below in advance.  For Session Guests, please bring both pages of BOTH release forms with you to ensure you are fully covered.

Volunteer Application

Click on the tab to the right to print off a Volunteer Application

Equine One on One Session Scholarship Application

Click on the tab to the right to print off a Equine Session Scholarship Application.

Equine One on One Session Guest Packet
Click on the tab to the right to print off a Guest Information Packet.

Scholarship Donation Form 

Image of Hope Ranch offers sessions to guests at no cost to them.  We are able to do this because of the generosity of people who see the benefits that this ranch provides.  To donate to our scholarship fund, please complete and return the Scholarship Donation Form.

Image of Hope Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax deductible.

Family Focus Scholarship Application

Click on the tab to the right to print off a Family Focus Scholarship Application.

Image of Hope Ranch