How Can I Participate?

Our program is open to children, teens and adults of all ages.  We understand that everyone faces their own unique set of challenges, so the guest must want to participate.  Our leaders work hard to adapt the program to meet the individual need of the child, teen or adult.

We do not wish to turn anyone away, but there are a limited number of sessions available for each week.  Although we cannot guarantee a session for everyone who wants one, we do our best to accommodate as many as possible.

To sign up for a session call us at 260-409-9860.  Because we spend a lot of time at the barn with the horses, we may not answer immediately but please leave a message and we will return your call within 24 hours. 

Groundwork helps build a bond with your horse

Learning about hoof care

Teen Mentoring Program

Our Teen Mentoring Program pairs a teen mentor with a teen who may be having difficulties at school or home. A place where they can let go of their troubles for awhile and make new friends. They come once a week to volunteer at the ranch. With all of the bullying that goes on at schools what if there was a program to help a teen who is feeling alone or who is bullied sometimes to the extent that violence becomes their answer.  A place where they can spend time with a peer doing something that makes them feel worthwhile, but most of all to feel accepted and able to talk things over with someone they can relate to.  This is the purpose of our Teen Mentoring Program and we have had great success with this program.


Veteran Program

Like our Teen Mentoring Program we also offer a Veteran Mentoring Program.  A place where Veterans can volunteer with a fellow Veteran who understands some of the things they may be struggling with.  We have also teamed up with our local Veteran Center to offer Group Sessions.

Daily Schedule

The number of sessions available each week depends on the number of leaders and volunteers we have available.

Sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday

10:00 am -6:00 pm


10:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Open  April 1 through December 15

Archery Program

We have something new this year with our Girls Archery Program.  Archery has many physical benefits like muscle development, finger/hand strength, improved hand-eye coordination, balance, strength building of the arms, core, hands, chest and shoulders.  It also has many mental benefits like increased focus, coping skills in high pressure situations or day to day life, increased confidence, and relaxation. Although this was meant to be a program for teen girls, what we have found is that it is a great family time too. Because of the popularity of archery, next year we will be expanding the archery program to include 3D targets.

Preschool Program

This fall we will be implementing our Preschool Program. This program will offer a place for preschools to take a field trip and learn about horses.  There will be stations set up for the preschoolers to learn the science of horses, grooming them, about the different tools used when working with horses.  They will also get to meet the horses and ride if they like.  .

Image of Hope Ranch