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Children and even adults love to learn. A visit to a pond is the perfect way to learn about the habitat of a pond. In Fall of 2020 we are building a Pond Life Discovery Center and will open in Spring of 2021.  This is a program where individuals, families, preschools, elementary schools and homeschool groups can come out and learn all about the animals and plants that live in and around a pond. This can be as simple as a visit to see the pond and what lives in it, to a detailed study of the ecosystem with the use of our laboratory. The cabin will  include several aquariums with plants and animals that live in the pond. They can learn about the development of a frog and what lives in pond water. We will also have available a worm farm. Worms fascinate children and learning about a worm farm teaches the importance of the environment and how to take care of it. These hands-on experiences will teach science in an exciting and memorable way.  If you are interested in exploring the life of a pond, please contact us to schedule a trip to the pond this fall. 

You can call us at 260-409-9860 or email us at