Image of Hope Ranch

Veteran Program

Image of Hope is proud to be able to open the ranch to our Veterans and their families.  They have given so much to enable us to live freely in this wonderful country. Some have returned from service bearing physical or mental wounds so it is our honor to give back to them. This program offers Veterans the opportunity to participate in any of the activities we have here at the ranch.  They can choose to work with the horses in our One on One  Equine Program, fish or kayak in the pond, or spend time at our archery course.  Some of the Veterans that come to the ranch want to volunteer and so they help us with the horses, the small animals, volunteering as archery instructors or in many other ways.  If you know of a veteran that would benefit from our program, please have them contact us at 260-409-9860.

Army Veteran Joe is helping us turn out horses into their paddocks.