Image of Hope Ranch


Each week we are privileged to join alongside individuals and families who come ready to help wherever needed. Volunteering at Image of Hope Ranch is designed to be much more than getting chores done. By working side by side, we have the privilege of seeing good work ethics learned and mending of hearts within families as well as individuals. If you live in the area and are interested in giving your time to the ranch, we invite you to complete and return a Volunteer Application.

Our volunteers must be age 18 or older. If a youth age 17 or under is interested in volunteering, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or approved as a youth volunteer. We love having families volunteer together, and much of our daily chore list is completed by groups, individual adults, and parents and kids working side by side. Please keep in mind that we do not offer childcare for volunteers. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to watch his or her children at all times while at the ranch. We rely on this team of volunteers to help with the daily task list, as well as maintenance, miscellaneous jobs that arise and fundraising events. If you have a specific skill or gift that you would like to offer, be sure to indicate that on your application.

                                   INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER APPLICATION

Complete and submit the volunteer application below. After you have submitted the application, our Volunteer Coordinator, will contact you for an informal interview and to coordinate your schedule.  If your interest is working as a Session Leader, you will go through a training process with a Session Trainer.

                                                 GROUP VOLUNTEER
If you desire to serve the ranch as a group, we invite you to complete and return our  Volunteer Application below. When completing the Volunteer Application, be sure to include the number of people, approximate age group, leader-to-kid ratio if it is youth, etc. and any specific skills or talents your group wishes to utilize or share. Those skills can range from basic ranch chores like scooping manure to painting or building fence. Whatever the nature of your group, we hope to find a good fit for you that will also meet a need at the ranch. Both a application and an interview with the group leader are required. Groups do have the option of being "On Call," and we will contact you when we have big jobs that will require many hands or specific skills.  We welcome groups of kids and teens as well!  However, we do require a ratio of 1 of your own leaders to every 5 kids/teens that you bring.

                                                      TEEN MENTORING

With all of the bullying that goes on at schools, what if there was a program to help a teen who is feeling alone or who is bullied sometimes to the extent that violence becomes their answer? Imagine a place where they can spend time with a peer doing something that makes them feel worthwhile, to feel accepted and to be able to talk things over with someone they can relate to? This is why we created our Teen Mentoring program which pairs a teen mentor with a teen who may be having difficulties at school or home.  While at the ranch, they may work with the horses, help at the barn, go fishing or kayaking, or maybe spend time at the    3-D Archery Course. We offer a place where they can let go of their troubles for awhile and make new friends. This is the purpose of our Teen Mentoring program, and we have had great success with it.