Image of Hope Ranch

​​What Are Our Goals?
It is our goal to provide a safe place for children, teens and adults to let go of their troubles even if it's for an hour.  A place where they can experience hope and healing.  A sanctuary where the bullying peer, the failed marriage, the hurt from the loss of a loved one or the abuse can be forgotten at least for a while.
This is done by inviting guests to come and experience the relaxation and peace of spending time with horses.  We work hard to pair the child, teen or adult with a horse that will help them move forward in their life and learn to trust again, to heal, and to grow stronger.
Our session activities are one on one with a trained leader and are determined by the discretion of that leader.  They may groom, work with or ride a horse.  Or maybe just spend time petting and talking to the horse; a time where they won't be judged, bullied or hurt.  The activity is decided on the basis of the comfort level of the child or adult. 
Our second goal is to educate children and adults on equine safety and how to take care of the animals.  They may learn how to safely lead or ride a horse. Also groom, halter, tack up, clean stalls or feed the horses.  This experience will help build back the self-esteem that may have been lost in their own life.