Image of Hope Ranch

Image of Hope Ranch (IHR) is a Christ centered ministry that provides children, teens, adults and families who may be struggling emotionally a place to move toward healing.  It is a place where they may feel Christ’s love and find their way back to hope. IHR also offers individuals who have physical or mental disabilities opportunities to discover nature and animals.

Randy and Alisha Shank along with their daughter Alex founded IHR in 2016. Originally from a small town in Ohio, in 2005 they moved to Gulfport, MS to help with the Hurricane Kartrina recovery. While there, the family went through emotional struggles of their own. During that time, they had a family surround them with support and Christ's love, which helped them move toward healing.

In 2011, Randy and Alisha moved their family to Indiana and dreamed of giving back by supporting individuals who were struggling emotionally. After praying about it, God revealed His plan to them and their dream of helping others was born. ​​