Image of Hope Ranch

This makes every hard day worth it!! 

A note from Easterseals Arc Northeast Indiana...

"You never know when an extra super great day is going to hit...and then it does!
This is the second time I have had a participant plan an outing for another participant and I just LOVE IT!!!    For many months, John C has been asking to take David W to Image of Hope Ranch.   John said he had no interest in going, but he would go with David to help him enjoy the ranch.  I finally squeezed him in and it was a success!  David was shy at first, but honestly John was a huge help at getting to try and do things.   I would ask David if he wanted to try different things, and he would say, "no I am alright", but then John would ask and he would do it.  By the end of our visit even John wanted to try and put the halter on Penny!    John kept telling David how proud he was of him and when we got in the car David yelled "Yee Haw"! "