​​Image of Hope Ranch

Equine One on One 
Our Equine One on One Program is for children, teens or adults who may be struggling emotionally because of trauma or have a physical or mental disability. Currently, Image of Hope Ranch - Steuben serves the Northeast Indiana area. The Steuben Facility has 8 horses available that are paired with a Session Leader and one child, teen or adult for a 60-minute session at no cost to them. These sessions are designed to be adaptable to meet the distinctive needs of each person. Every participant is nurtured by a Session Leader who shares in his or her individual challenges and victories. Through hands-on experience, they are taught the values of hope, family, trust, faith and unconditional love. It is our goal to help them develop leadership skills, become more self-confident, learn to trust again, and become healthier individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

During the session time they may learn to groom, lead and ride a horse. The Session Leader develops a lesson plan each week but is open to meeting the participant where they are at on that particular day.  Image of Hope Steuben also offers group sessions for students from disability schools. These sessions are more structured and involve multiple Session Leaders and horses.

Image of Hope Ranch is able to offer each individual session at NO CHARGE. We have been blessed with caring people who see our vision, believe in the healing of animals and nature and therefore donate funds to help cover costs needed to provide these sessions. The cost of group sessions is $20 per student. 

The Equine One on One Program runs April through October

For more information, please contact Patty Walter, Director of Operations - Steuben Facility 
Complete and return the Equine One on One application by mail to Patty Walter 9570 E Metz Road, Angola IN 46703 or email at  patty.imageofhope@gmail.com.