​​Image of Hope Ranch

New Mercy Ministry Family Program
Our Family Program at Image of Hope Ranch is all about partnering with organizations like New Mercies Ministry. We offer a variety of activities like a 3D Archery Course, Fishing, Kayaking, grooming a horse, time with our Barnyard Friends and a wonderful learning experience at the Nature Discovery Center. There are many benefits from participating in these activities for both the parents and children. Building stronger relationships, enhancing social skills, reducing stress, and creating positive experiences. This program provides a place where families can spend time together outdoors. Parenting can be a challenging and stressful experience. Engaging in fun activities can provide a break from the demands of parenting and help reduce stress levels. 

The New Mercy Ministry Family Program is available on Saturdays during the months of July and August. IHR’s approach for NMM visitation is for NMM family leaders or adult volunteers to walk their respective families through the IHR activities they feel comfortable navigating without the help of IHR volunteers. To get NMM families acclimated to visiting the ranch, IHR leadership requires that the first NMM family visit be an orientation / training visit for NMM family leaders. After the first visit the NMM family leaders will walk their families through Ranch activities on their own. IHR leadership will be at the Ranch to answer questions or provide guidance. Although it costs nothing to participate in this program, we do ask that families "give back" by doing a small chore at the Ranch. 

As you enter the Ranch, please check in at the Welcome Center at the barn.  Families who visit the Ranch are encouraged to bring water and light snacks for your family. Children should wear closed toed shoes. Water shoes would also be appropriate for catching bullfrogs. Because we want this experience to be a time where family connection takes place, we require families to sign up for time at the Ranch. Please click on the Sign-Up button below.  A Release Form also needs to be completed for your visit and can be found by clicking the New Mercy Ministry Family Release Button below.  You may email the form to us at michelle.imageofhoperanch2017@gmail.com or bring them with you at your visit.