​​Image of Hope Ranch


The Goodwill Pre-ETS students have volunteered at the Image of Hope for about a year now.
The students have pulled weeds, painted playground equipment, cleaned stalls, walked horses,
cleaned the small animal cages, baled hay, led a tour for the YMCA kids, cleaned barns out,
cleaned the fans in the barns, moved hay around, tarped hay off, and operated a concession
stand for the Fall Fest.
After doing this, the students are invited to enjoy the ranch for a bit. There is fishing, kayaking,
paddle boating, corn hole, playing with Sophie and Hugo- the dogs, and just an opportunity to
enjoy some relaxing time.
The students are learning some work experience opportunities while at the ranch. These skills
are helping the students learn to be better prepared for the real world when they are seeking a
job for their future. The students have worked hard on better communication, team work,
following directions, being respectful, completing a task all the way, learning to take care of
animals, and pride in knowing a job is done well.

We appreciate the opportunity to be able to give back to this organization.

 Journey to Fulfillment
The Journey to Fulfillment program is about collaborating with other community organizations and helping students ages 13-18 who participate in Image of Hope Ranch programs move to the next level. Building job skills, good work ethics and becoming strong leaders is part of what this program teaches.

Image of Hope Ranch works with organizations like Goodwill Pre-ETS to help the students build employment skills and become more confident in the workplace. In addition, we are training young individuals to become Junior Volunteers, Mentors and Junior Equine One on One Session Leaders. This program opens their minds to new career possibilities.