Image of Hope Ranch


Image of Hope Ranch exists to provide a sanctuary for individuals and families to enjoy and learn about

animals and nature, therefore promoting healing of broken lives and relationships.

Image of Hope Ranch is a faith-based organization and is not associated with any particular denomination.  Our belief is based upon the same values that our nation was built on.  The founders believe in a God who sent His Son Jesus Christ for us.  It is our desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action.  Our faith is demonstrated through "living example" to those who surround us.  It is our highest honor to serve others with the same loving grace that has so freely been given to us.  Everyone is welcome, we do not preach our faith we live it.  

This Place
Let me tell you of a place, where calm and quiet reign.
A breeze that whispers cross your face, and makes you feel again.
In this place of peace and hope, I begin to feel once more.
I pray it will not leave me soon, the sense of hope and joy. 
The pine trees swaying in the breeze, the dawn that lights the sky.
I set myself under the trees, and watch His wonder come alive.
He may not see it in my eyes, I know he hears my prayers.
I thank the Maker for this place, the place that healed my heart.
                                         Alisha Shank