Image of Hope Ranch


From the beginning of this venture, prayer has been vital to Image of Hope Ranch.  As we went through the purchase of the property and the rehab, we were continually praying for God to show us His vision for it. Months went by with no answer, no door opened, and although we knew God wanted us to use the property to help others, we did not have a vision of who that would be. We continued to pray because, from past experience, we knew that it would happen in His timing. Finally doors started opening. He sent people to help and to be helped. It was like He hand-picked each person for a specific reason. That is why we feel that prayer is the most powerful part of Image of Hope Ranch. The greatest gift anyone can give is simply to pray for us. Prayer costs nothing but a few moments of our time. It is something that everyone can give. If you would like to join our prayer team, we would love to have you partner in this with us.