Image of Hope Ranch


Image of Hope Ranch is a faith-based organization and is not associated with any particular denomination.  Our belief is based upon the same values that our nation was built on.  The founders believe in a God who sent His Son Jesus Christ for us.  It is our desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action.  Our faith is demonstrated through "living example" to those who surround us.  It is our highest honor to serve others with the same loving grace that has so freely been given to us.  Everyone is welcome, we do not preach our faith we live it. 


Image of Hope was a gift from God. It was founded on faith and the belief that with God all things are possible.  It is through the faith of the founders that Image of Hope Ranch was born. 
The first time we looked at the property in the fall of 2013 we knew this was the one.  Most people looked at it and could not see our vision.  We heard "tear the house down it can't be saved" or "too much work to put into it" and many other comments. It was a mess, the barns, house and fences needed a lot of work, but for the next two years we dug our heels in and remodeled the house, rebuilt the stalls, built new paddocks and fencing for the pastures.  We also cleaned out the pond to provide a place for fishing and kayaking. This needed to be done in order to start our ministry of giving back by providing a place where our communities in Northeast Indiana could spend time outdoors.
​Watching the emotional healing that horses have done with our own daughter and the physical healing  through our niece we were inspired to help others.  We do this through the unconditional love of horses and by providing a place where families can reconnect.  The ranch has a serene feeling of peace and we have watched visitors come to the place with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave with hope and a new outlook on life.