Image of Hope Ranch


Name: Lacey

Breed: Quarter Horse

About: I am 26 years old and have known my owner since birth. I work with cows and have won in competitions many times. I was retired from this but have had many babies that are now being showed and are Champions. I was very well trained so am able to teach my people things like how to lead, ride and groom. I am very happy at Image of Hope and enjoy having a job even in my retirement.

Name: Lilly

Breed: Pony of America (POA)

About: I am one of the main lesson ponies for children.  Because I am white, my coat is hard to keep clean, but that's OK because I love to be brushed and will stand nicely. Sometimes I can be stubborn, but with patience from my people I can teach you a lot. One of the things  I do is be a unicorn at special events here at the ranch.

Name: Outlaw

About: I am a very fast pony and used to do contesting all over the United States.  Although it is said that ponies can be a handful sometimes, that is not me. I have very good manners and listen well. One of my favorite things is to be brushed or run the obstacle course all by myself.

Name: Chase

Breed: Quarter Horse

About: My personality is very strong but I am charming. My favorite thing is to have my face softly petted.  I am one of the biggest horses at Image of Hope both in size and personality.

Name: Zoey

Breed: Quarter Horse

About: Annie is my cousin and we look a lot alike. I am very sweet and also love to give hugs. One of my favorite things is to be groomed. Sometimes I almost fall asleep. 

Name: Penny+

Breed: Paint 

About: Although I am very large I have a sweet, calm spirit. I am very patient and understanding with my special needs friends.  Two of my favorite things to do is be brushed and eat grass.

Name: Hondo

Breed: Quarter Horse

About: I am a 7-year-old ranch horse and keeping me busy will make me happy because I love to work.  I am set in my ways but with time spent with me I will learn to trust you and do anything you ask.

Name: Spirit

Breed: Rocky Mountain 

About: For most of my life I have been a trail riding horse but now I am helping people. One of my favorite things is to be groomed. I will stand forever just to have my people make me pretty.

Name:  Boo

Breed:  Quarter Horse

About:  I have been a speed pony all my life and love the Poles best.  I like to take care of my riders and will only go the speed they are ready for.  My new job is to love on and take care of all who spend time with me at Image of Hope.

In Memory Of...

Name: Annie

Breed: Quarter Horse

About: Annie is no longer with us.  After much thought and prayer we decided to give her peace.  She was in too much pain because of health issues and age.  Although she will be missed, we believe doing this was the right thing to do and a gift to her. Annie lived 31 great years. Most of her life was spent winning ribbons in Western Pleasure classes. She loved the show ring, especially Trail Class, but she had to retire due to deteriorating eyesight. However, this meant she now had a new job, to help people. She let them brush her, lead her and ride her. She was so patient with people and helped them feel good again, to forgive, to feel safe and loved.​

In Memory Of...

Name: Trigger

About: Trigger came to the ranch June 17, 2014. His owners Madison and Sierra purchased him with money they had earned by babysitting and cleaning. He was a great teacher for them and they spent a lot of time grooming and riding him. Sadly they had to move away and could not take him with them so they gave him to the ranch so he could help others. That is exactly what he did. Trigger was one of the favorite horses at Image of Hope Ranch. He had this amazing way of making a connection with whoever he was with. He helped them feel loved and special . If you needed a hug he would wrap his head and neck around you. He gave you his shoulder to cry on and taught you how to be a leader.  The last week of Trigger's life was very painful for him. He always had a way of telling us when he was hurting. He would take his nose and repeatedly push your shoulder when he was hurting. A team of people who cared very much for him tried very hard to help Trigger recover. Walking him, talking to him, doctoring him and hauling him to MSU. We're very thankful for the time they committed to him.

This is Alisha's account of her last moments with Trigger:

In the end it was just his time, but Trigger being the very sensitive horse he was, left me with a happy goodbye memory. From Friday to Monday evening, Trigger spent most of his time in the arena. A big part of the time someone was with him. By Monday evening, it was difficult to keep him standing. He told me he was in pain by pushing me with his nose. After a while he just laid his head against me and rested for about 1/2 hour, then all of a sudden he took off walking, and I just followed him. He walked out of the arena into the stall barn and started walking by each horse's stall sometimes stopping. He made 3 laps around both barns and then went back to the arena and rested his head on me again. I believe he was telling his friends goodbye just as he told me goodbye by laying his head against me. 
Goodbye Trigger, we will always love you.


You taught me each day's a new chance
to love the unloved, help the helpless.
My heart aches, the tears flow, but life goes on.
You taught me compassion in all circumstances
to feel others hurt and show God's love.
My heart aches, the tears flow, but life goes on.
You taught me to lead, to stand firm in my belief,
be strong and be brave and taught others the same.
My heart aches, the tears flow, but life goes on.
You taught me to find happiness and joy
to kick up my heels and enjoy each day.
My heart hurts, the tears flow, but life goes on.
You taught me to hope and brought hope to the hopeless
your life was of value, your memories live on.
My heart aches, the tears flow, ​but life goes on.                   
                                                      Alisha Shank

There once was a horse named Trigger.
He was bigger than BIGGER!
​When I first met him, I was hurting inside with pains of this life.
The times I spent with him took away my strife.
He was such a beautiful horse to me.
He was my best friend that could ever be!
I was the last to ever ride him one day.
Several months later I got a call.
He was gone forever, to my dismay.
                                         Rex Long