Image of Hope Ranch


​"Volunteering is a great way for us to spend time together, and we learn new things each week.  Not only do we spend time together as a family, we feel really good about what we are doing.  It feels really good to pour love into the horses so they can pour love into those they give lessons to. It feels really good to be part of a ministry that gives back to others in such a unique way."

                                                      The Hunt Family

"Image of Hope Ranch is an amazing place that allows my children to experience the amazing power of healing that horses offer.  When my kids are struggling, the first thing they want to do is see their horses. Growing up with horses myself, I know the affect horses have on kids. They gain confidence and responsibility. Image of Hope gives my children something to look forward to. Alisha does an amazing job teaching and listening to my children as they ride. God blessed us so much when he led us to Image of Hope."
                                                    The Hendricks Family

"Hello, my name is Olivia. I work with a pony named Lilly. Lilly is AMAZING. I feel that Lilly gets me more than anyone. Lilly and I have known each other for one year. I have discovered things about me I never knew before such as I can do anything. I am always going to have someone to talk to about things without questions. Lilly has changed me. I am never done learning from Lilly. Lilly makes me happy if I have had a bad day. Lilly can tell when I am upset. When I see Lilly I always know that I am accepted for who I am. Since I have been working with Lilly I am finding who I am piece by piece. I am inspired by Lilly!  Overall, Lilly has just done wonders for me. Lilly has also helped me set goals.


​"My name is Connie, and I am 57 years old. I have had a lot of things to over come in the last several years from personal issues to health issues. The biggest health issue that I am facing right now is I am currently waiting on a liver transplant. Because of this, it has also caused other health problems for me too, but I always know that no matter what the one thing that I can count on is going to Image of Hope Ranch and being accepted for who I am right now!  Not what I once was or not what I may become, but for just being me! Good days or bad days, it doesn't matter either way. That means the world to me! I have always had faith in God, but I also have been taught by Ranger (one of the horses) to have faith in him and myself. Hope that things will get better.  An unconditional love from Ranger who doesn't care what I look like or how I feel he is as happy to see me as I am to see him.  Acceptance for who I am by Ranger, the other horses and the people there.  Trust by Ranger and his owner Crystal for spending time with him and caring for him. Comfort is what I feel when I am there because I can take things at my pace. Peace is what I feel when I leave because so much of my stress an worries were left behind the moment I got there.  Joy is what I feel in my heart when Ranger comes to me when I call his name and sometimes all I have to do is be in his eyesight and he will come to me. Sharing is what goes on a lot because the horses are sharing their love with me. But also too because Crystal shares him with me. I could never thank her enough for doing this with me. And yes Ranger is probably my favorite but I love all the other horses too. He just understands me more! His hugs, his support when I have a hard time with my balance as I walk, his playfulness with me if I say hi to another horse before him, these are the things I love about him. I could sit here and write a book about how I feel about Image of Hope Ranch and still have more to say. It's hard to put my feelings into words, some are still yet to be experienced. Friendship and Family are also two important things to me. I feel as if I have gained more friends and an extended family here. To say thank you to Alisha, Randy, their family, Jennifer, Crystal, Diana, Olivia, and anyone else that I may have forgotten just doesn't seem to be enough. They are a spectacular group of people. When you can go someplace and know that you are not being judged by what you can't do, but rather being accepted for what you can do that says a lot to me. I love this place, the people and the horses. I feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this wonderful, amazing group! God put them in my life at this time for a reason and I am loving it! I hope that I can be an inspiration for someone someday as they have been for me!"